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Mass Hypnosis

Written by  Janet I. Decker, C.Ht.

Let's face it, like it or not we are all being mass hypnotized every single day. You say you can't be hypnotized, get over it, you can be and you are, often, hypnotized. Please, allow me to explain.

When I decided to hang my Hypnotherapy shingle, I knew to have a successful practice I absolutely had to educate people about hypnosis. Nine out of ten people either have no idea what hypnosis is or they have incredible misconceptions about it. Ridiculous ideas, such as: You have to have a weak mind to be hypnotized, or, hypnotists have some kind of special power and you should never, ever, look them in the eye. I've encountered some truly strange beliefs people hold about hypnosis over the years. In fact, I actually had one client say to me as we were walking to my office, "You don't look like a hypnotist." And the worst part is, he seemed disappointed! So I asked him, "Tell me, what is it a hypnotist is supposed to look like?" To which he replied, "Well you know, flowing robes, lots of jewelry, mysterious." All I could say was, "Sorry to disappoint you."

Hypnosis 101: All it takes to be hypnotized is a focusing of attention for a very short period of time. Usually, anywhere from 10 or 15 seconds to 3 minutes and you are in hypnosis. Do you play any sort of video game for more than 10 seconds to 3 minutes? If you answered yes, you have been hypnotized. Watch a good TV show for a few minutes, you have been hypnotized. Get caught up in a really good book for a few seconds to a few minutes you guessed it, you are in hypnosis. Any narrowing or focusing of attention will hypnotize you in the blink of an eye. This is why advertising works so well. Once you are hypnotized it is easy to make you think you want that pizza or that really great car, or that new iphone.

Now, you actually have to like these things in order for the suggestions to work but really, who wouldn't love a brand new super charged sports car or a neat new smart phone? So, do advertisers know how mass hypnosis works? Yes, of course they do. This is why they spend millions of dollars a year on advertising. They know hypnosis works!

I am sorry but I have to bring the "P" word into this (politics). Even politicians know all about mass hypnosis. They practice it all the time. Did you really think Obama would bring any kind or real meaningful change to this great country? Or Bush before him? I am telling you, if you followed the last election and were a true believer, friends, you were hypnotized!

Now please, for those who want to stone me to death, take a deep breath and hear me out. Politicians are glorified hypnotists. They can't help it, they are groomed for it. The best political hypnotist wins, my friends. Nearly every politician walking is selling you a bill of goods and they are counting on you being hypnotized long enough to believe what they say.

Two of my friends are hypnotists and they can't see what is happening either. If they can't see mass hypnosis, how can the average person see it? Stop listening to what the candidates are saying and do your research on every single candidate. Let their past actions and beliefs speak for them. The link below will take you to a paper written about the hypnosis techniques Obama used in his campaign but trust me, they ALL use them. Obama doesn't hold a copyright on these techniques.

And here is another good article on this topic.

I will say no more on that subject except this, trust me, they are using hypnosis on you, in fact, it is rampant in politics. And this year as in every election year the best hypnotist will win.

The other very common hypnosis perpetuated upon the masses is religion. Religions have mass hypnotized people for ages. Yes, now I am sure you are going to stone me. Thank goodness I'm saying this in a blog and not in a brick and mortar structure, LOL! But, believe it or not religion uses many hypnosis techniques that put you into trance very quickly. If you were trained in hypnotic technique you would spot it instantly. Check out this video folks. It speaks volumes.

You may also like to read my previous blog entitled, “Did Jesus heal People Using Hypnosis?” And by all means, do your own research on this topic. It really is quite interesting.

Still not convinced? Let me ask you a few simple questions. Have you gotten so over weight that you can't take a 20 minute walk without feeling you are having a heart attack.? Are you so glued to your iphone, ipad or computer that you can barely tear yourself away? Do you experience anxiety, I call it withdrawal, when you can't use your phone or text someone or read an incoming text for more than a few minutes or while driving? Do you have to have every new gadget that comes on the market? Do you stand in line waiting for 24 hours in front of a store so you can be one of the first people in the world to have the latest and greatest Apple breakthrough in technological gadgetry or the newest offering in the line of a WAY overpriced athletic shoe? If any of these scenarios sound like you, face it, you need serious help!

Now here is the saving grace, once you know what is happening, you can stop it. Know the signs of hypnotic trance and you can snap yourself out of it. Or, if you can’t do it alone, seek the assistance of a good hypnotherapist. She or he can help you control the effects of mass hypnosis on your life. Think I’m kidding? I’m not. Or hey, maybe I can do it from here. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Wake Up America, Wake Up Human Race!

Janet Decker is the author and publisher of a variety of Self-Help Hypnosis MP3/CD’s and the book, Hypnosis ~ What You Should Know. She holds the position of Dean of Metaphysics at the International Metaphysical University where she also teaches Foundations of Psychic Development.

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Janet I. Decker, C.Ht.

Janet I. Decker, C.Ht.

Janet Decker, C.Ht. is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a certified Hypnoanesthesia therapist. She is a hypnotherapy instructor and author.

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I love your sleep Deeply MP3! I cannot believe how well it is working for me. I've had sleep issues for about 3 years now and nothing I did worked for me. Well, drugs worked, but I hate taking them and I often felt tired the next day. So, although unfamiliar with hypnosis, I thought I would give it a try. I read the book you sent with my MP3, Hypnosis - What You should Know, and as you said, it gave me a good understanding of hypnosis and how it works. I can easily see that what you said about understanding hypnosis is key to being successful using it. You are exactly right.

I'm so glad I found your web site and equally glad I bought your MP3!

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